Mark Uhlenberg the owner of The Heartwood Group, LLC. Delivering practical leadership and coaching applications to business managers is a passion.  Mark has served in many capacities within agriculture sales and played significant roles in establishing biotechnology into midwest agriculture. He received his Masters of Education in human resource development from the University of Minnesota and is a member of the Academy of Human Resource Development Professionals. He has certifications in many non-degreed masters level programs.

Farm Boy To Farmer:  Mark grew up on a farm and actively farmed in a family partnership after attending college at Iowa State University. His work with livestock and land built a lifelong appreciation and love of agriculture. He learned at a very early age the challenges to sustain success. Life Lesson-Hard work and responsibility for your own decisions.

Cows to Corporate:  After 8 years in a family farming business he left agriculture for almost 3 years. Mark began a career in Ag Sales after being away from agriculture. This choice launched an adventure in personal growth that has included historical biotech product launches, progressive people management strategies, and management of learning strategies for key agricultural companies. During almost 20 years with Monsanto Company Mark achieved some of Monsanto’s highest awards in sales achievement and the sales teams he managed achieved multiple Master Sales awards.

Coaching to Calling:  The Heartwood Group is the result of a calling to help individuals and organizations discover, understand, and strengthen their core purpose. Mark has been coaching and consulting successfully for years. Coaching individuals and businesses through transitions is Mark’s calling and he sees leading transition as a core skill everyone will need to master to compete and thrive.

The Heartwood Group clients are achieving personal and professional success because they have the clarity of purpose, effective skills, commitment, and a clear connection to how everything they do works together for their success.

The Heartwood Group accomplishes this through a comprehensive selection of services to help improve the effectiveness of your business. Dig into Our Offers page find out how The Heartwood Group can help your business succeed.