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Managing and Leading Transitions

The Heartwood Group accomplishes this through a comprehensive selection of services to help improve the effectiveness of your business. Dig into the information below to find out how The Heartwood Group can help your business succeed.


  • Executive Coaching:

We grow your capacity as a leader. Key leaders need a sounding board that is objective, willing to say what needs to be said, and isn’t afraid to be fired. Our coaches help you develop sound perspective and will leave you with a process that you can use. We don’t hold onto “proprietary” information. Our job is to help you become the best leader you can. You will understand transition skills and strategies in a powerful way and lead yourself and others through change more proactively than ever before. Whatever level of success you have achieved, we can help you sustain that success and grow even more capacity for the future. Contact us today to get started and learn more about the process!

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners:

Similar to Executive Coaching we help you grow as a leader with emphasis on increasing your capacity as an owner. We provide supervision on skill practice/effectiveness, organization structure, strategic human resource development, and coaching on vision refinement, goal construction and attainment. We will help you establish structure and process to make your preferred future a reality, not just remain a concept. Our Pragmatic Coaching Matrix keeps you focused on the realities of establishing a start up business or leading a long established organization through transition of ownership and management.

  • Transformational Sales Leadership:

Sales Leadership coaching is focused on building uncommon excellence into sales and marketing leaders and their organizations. Successful sales process is key, but leading effective sales teams is equally important. Many sales leaders blame their team for results when it is the sales manager and coach that needs to be a stronger sales leader. Transformational selling is based on the simple fact that when you are selling you are also leading. Successful selling is a combination of doing many things well. Sales teams, much like sports teams, need to be balanced in their approach to reach goals and compete to win customers in the market place. Our approach is focused on Sales managers closest to the customer and brings a strong ROC (Return on Coaching). Get a manager enrolled today and see the difference.


  • Strategic Human Resources Development (HRD):

Our philosophy is very simple. We believe that an HRD strategy should map directly to the business strategy. That leaders of businesses need to make the development of their organization and people their highest priority. Our approach is built on sound systems, economic, and psychology theory. Our core expertise is in development of organization learning strategies that build organizational capacity. Organization development and training and development are processes that must meet business goals for performance and go beyond just a function within the organization. We specialize in organizations that need help in growing their frontline leadership, coaching, and selling skills. We will help you build extraordinary results through a systems approach. Sign up for an initial consult now.

Training, Speaking and Seminars

The goal for every interaction with clients is to have breakthrough sessions that leaves participants with fresh new perspectives and a clear action plan on how to integrate into their work and living.

  • Sales Leadership:

This is a high powered program that challenges managers and sales professionals to greater levels of customer interaction and personal skill development. Leading and managing high performance human beings to extraordinary results is the most rewarding thing any leader can do.. Transformational selling is defined and the Pragmatic Sales Coaching process outlined and practiced. This program is a combination of managing and coaching development for sales managers. It is great for organizations that rely on retail sales to advance their products.

  • Listening and Communication:

This is a highly interactive session that involves basic practice in listening skills and strong inquiry methods. Listening skills are gaining more and more attention. The reality is we are very poor at “truly listening”. You will become acutely aware of where your skills are falling short and how to improve them. Practice and coaching are key elements of this session along with a Pragmatic Listening Method. Learning what our filters are and how we can change results through our listening.

  • Business Presence and Presentation:

This program is a collaboration with a professional presenter and professional coach. We will work on your presence, presenting with impact, and build a strong result through preparation methods. If you are a sales organization that relies on clear messages delivered to customers to sell your product than you need to sign up your team. This program is limited in size and has a follow up coaching plan  to make sure that results stick. If you have emerging leaders that need to grow their presence internally then this is the class for your leadership development curriculum.

  • Seminar: Transitions in Agriculture:

The growing seasons indicate that agricultural by its very cyclical nature is always in transition.  This thought provoking seminar focuses more on the impact of technology, market momentum, and understanding the cycle of renewal that we all participate in consciously or not.

  • Seminar: Adaptive Leadership:

Leading transitions that keep you always ahead of the game. A simple process and approach to understanding transitions begins with the premise that people are actually good at changing…when they want to and have a clear line of sight to their own values.

  • Seminar: Seller as Leader:

This seminar is ideal for sales professionals and those new to the selling profession. The participants are challenged to redefine how they view their role in selling and the profession as a whole. This will seminars connects with what we know to be true intuitively and challenges all of us involved in sales and marketing to attain a greater view of the value we bring to clients and customers. This program will bring a competitive edge to your organization.