Gain access to your truth, intuition, and personal trust.     

Reflection is essential to transformation — no reflection, no transformation.

A Time of Transformation

Well everyone – first of all — I hope you are safe, well, and doing your best to care for yourself and others. As you know, my work is essentially about transformation, and this is indeed a time of transformation for all of us. The Heartwood Group will be sharing short posts frequently in the upcoming weeks in the hope of providing a space for focus and clarity as so many things race around in our heads.

Many of us are more cut off from people, places and things than we’ve been in a very long time, and it happened almost overnight. It’s strange, uncomfortable, and downright scary for many. We suddenly have more time with ourselves and our thoughts — and in times like these it’s not a particularly good thing. I’m concerned for my grandchildren and my daughter who is a Nurse Practitioner. That’s the short list of my recent thoughts. So I bring myself to the present moment, we’re going to work with where we are right now…

You may have heard me use this mantra — “reflection is essential to transformation — no reflection, no transformation.” Please use some of your alone time to reflect. Not on the immediate issues (over which we have limited control) but on you — go deeper and stretch yourself. Our ideals get scuffed up pretty quickly by practical or imposed realities. Don’t worry, it’s all part of our reset. We won’t be the same because of this and that’s really alright and a good thing.

You may find during this time of forced isolation that you strengthen some beliefs you’ve held for a very long time. You may also graciously and with courage let go of some beliefs. Don’t be surprised if deep emotions come up. My experience as a coach has proven that the most surprising emotions are powerful insights really. They are your own truths and dreams you’ve held hostage for some time. Give yourself permission to explore your edges a bit more these days. Anxious feelings and thoughts are not going to kill or harm you, they are opportunities for decisions and leadership.

You think there aren’t some anxious leaders serving our community right now? These leaders are legion, look around and begin to see them. Truck drivers, farmers, healthcare, all first responders, military, essential needs workers, and so many to name. This is what leadership looks like, even though anxious we go to work. We need to stop taking them and each other for granted. It’s time to reflect on others outside of us and acknowledge how dependent we are on each other.

If you follow through with this idea and make self-reflection a regular practice, you’ll develop a greater awareness of reality and the ability to gain access to truth, intuition, and personal trust. You will access your internal guide. I encourage you to just try. Use a journal and write your thoughts, or read through the following questions and mentally reflect on them.

Questions for Reflection

  • What’s the new paradigm of life and work teaching you about yourself?
  • What have you been struggling to say yes or no to in your life or work that needs your permission to stay or leave?
  • What are you most proud of in your life that you can commit yourself to live into it even stronger?
  • What have you left undone for too long that you can use this time to complete?
  • What 3 important things will you change immediately?

You Will Benefit Now – and Later

We are transforming, and the entire world is transforming right now in an unprecedented way. Use some of your alone time to do some good – for yourself, your family, your career, our world. We will arrive at a new normal, life will continue, and you’ll be armed with a tool that will benefit you forever. I am making my action list and the energy is already growing.

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