Active Influence™

Active Influence is best described by the words “engaged” and “involved.” It is the antithesis of being passive or reactive. Active Influence drives and fosters development in others and in yourself, propelling you to positively influence the future.


Coaching, Managing, Facilitating, Mentoring and Leading have literally thousands of books regarding how to optimize each of them. What has long been missing is an “active and engaging” mindset on how to apply each approach fluidly, effectively and appropriately. Heartwood has created a practical and intuitive approach that supports leaders and business owners. It is critical in this complex world to drive uncomplicated, individualized development and customize effective approaches to strategic employee growth. Our leaders move from being Passive/Reactive to being Proactive/Predictive. Accountability is an inevitable outcome of these focused and predictive leadership actions.

Influencing to the First Power is about Yourself. We must become a more powerful self before we can begin to influence much else.

Influencing to the Second Power is about Your Employees, Direct Reports, and others under your organization umbrella. This is about growing your power to influence your most precious asset. Your human capital is the most valuable asset you have to influence the future.

Influencing to the Third Power is about Those Outside Your Control. The focus in this area is to help you grow your capacity to act and cooperate with those that impact your future, but that you have no control over.