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What I Learned at Recess: Communication Skills for Life and Business

I've established that recess brought to us compressed time to get after whatever was most important. Well that same aspect helped us learn how to communicate for outcomes quickly...and build some tactics. It doesn't take long to find out if your declaration got  things going your way at recess. For example, you might have tried the "fine I will just go play by myself then". Somehow this statement would severely punish the little buggers for treating you so poorly. Only to find out they went on without you and really didn't care. Yep, you usually got the opposite of what you wanted. It seemed to me manipulation rarely worked well with our crowd. If it did the results never could be sustained over time...rarely past two recess periods. There were times you wanted to put your idea out there. Sometimes on a rare occasion you even got an..."okay let's do it!" When that happened ...

What I Learned at Recess: Problem Solving

Always disliked the overused and unwitting phrase..."Don't go there!". Really? Well, "I'm going there!". When I was a kid... We didn't have an "app" for this or that on Google Play or Apple. Pin ball was pretty high technology. Heck, we thought it was just crazy talk to even think Dick Tracy's watch with camera and 2 way communication would be a reality some day. Men on the moon just messed with your whole sense of reality about what was possible. Also, you had to look through several grades to find a "fat kid". I mean truly obese children didn't exist in our school. We did chores at home and played like maniacs at recess and ate like pigs. I only mention this so you gain perspective on how far we have come in a relatively short period of time as citizens of this society...or maybe a ...

Adaptive Leadership: Self Management – A Tribute to a Mentor

During the writing of this series in Adaptive Leadership I have reviewed some notes and messages from my mentors over the years. One of the persons who has impacted my life is Frederic Hudson, PhD, the founder of The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. During (and since) my Coaching training it was clear to me that Frederic has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching renewal in adults., He is a role model for adaptive leadership. The note below is an example of how Frederic encouraged us in Coaching Training to "pay attention" to the idea of self management. In this note he summarizes concepts from Peter Drucker's book "Management Challenges for the 21st Century. Written over 12 years ago it is still full of direction and wisdom for being an Adaptive Leader and Coach. I have "bold lettered" some nuggets. Thanks Frederic.

Team Works: If you are Share and not Compare

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Sharing or Comparing Any team or business has potential for tremendous public identity to get things done and to perform amazing things for their customers. Our customers demonstrate this by continuing to do business with us and refer others to our offer.  Each person within a business or team is unique in his or her talents, gifts, and personality.  Combine this fact with the clarity of a compelling offer to your market place and you have some magic. Working together as a team requires unique and constant compromise. Some compromises by teammates are undertaken silently. Others are vocal and fully visible journeys to agreement. The level of agreement needed for successful decisions in a team is everyone’s responsibility. When a business or intact team decides to focus on a performance result there is always the important task of decision making. If you feel that there is confusion or an agreement has been ...