Bits & Pieces

“Stuff” that’s come up over the years.

Hello again to all. The Heartwood Group is continuing to share information that we think might help you maintain focus, think in different ways, and provide a constructive alternative to the non-stop news cycles.

Val Tripi, Senior Associate and Trusty Sidekick

Following below is a collection of “stuff” that’s come up since I  began The Heartwood Group. These are things I’ve either said, written, or somehow made reference to. Unbeknownst to me, my Senior Associate Val Tripi (aka my “trusty sidekick”), has been collecting these bits and pieces of stuff over the last 4 years in the hopes of eventually shaping them into something useful. It is truly strange to be verbally stalked like this Val! She is an essential part of The Heartwood Group. Her contributions to our clients has been immeasurable. Thanks Val.

In Val’s words — “Mark, there’s some stuff here that I think will really help people. We need to get it to them!” So here they are all 36 of them — I was surprised to see how many of them seem to tie into what’s going on today. If anything strikes you, that will make Val very happy! I encourage you to reach out to someone and talk about it – or leave a comment here and let’s start a conversation.

  1. When we think about what we can do together we are powerful.
  2. Supportive. Generous. Committed. Loyal. Unselfish. Thankful. Consistent. Appreciative. Visionary. Compassionate. Focused. If anyone you know thinks you’re any one of these – you’re doing just fine – keep on being that.
  3. S-u-c-c-e-s-s is what YOU decide it is.
  4. We can’t be successful, well rounded people without being in relationship with someone (or something). Even those who think they are “going it alone” are fooling themselves. We ARE relationship.
  5. “Showing up” is a combination of a person’s contributions, attitude, energy and overall presence. Just “being there” isn’t showing up.
  6. There is great value in (at least) making the effort to explore different thinking. Be an instigator of new thinking.
  7. Peculiar/different/out of the ordinary/not the norm are necessary for Breakthrough Thinking. They are  catalysts– not catastrophes.
  8. If you want what normal people have, then do what normal people do. If you want something different then you have to be a little “different.”
  9. History has shown that being different is necessary for our survival.
  10. I don’t want to be defined by what I am, I want to be defined by who I am.
  11. We need to move past labels or we will continue to use our language to keep everyone in their place.
  12. We’re in a marketplace of ideas – which has no owner and is open to all, 24/7. Contribute to the marketplace.
  13. Share yourself, your life, and your treasures with others who will value them. If you get taken advantage of occasionally you are on the right track. If you get hosed often you need to rethink things.
  14. Generosity is not all about money; it also includes spirit. Don’t cheat others on your presence. Be fully available and a gifted listener.
  15. Love is our calling. It’s not always a hug – sometimes it’s a kick in the butt when we need one.
  16. Most of us want “black and white” in our lives – however, almost all real life is lived in the grey areas.
  17. We can usually get help, but we usually need to ask.
  18. Never give up as long as you have something
  19. To live in peace, your values should always trump your security.
  20. When you can only focus on the “next thing” you cheat yourself of a sense of completion or the opportunity to celebrate the present.
  21. Only when we define what “well enough” is can we really leave “well enough” alone. We stop chasing and we start leading.
  22. Focus on conversations while and when you are having them. It is enough to just be there in the moment. Try it and see how it might change you (and your relationships).
  23. “Outer work” is the stuff that others see us do. It is important, but not enough.
  24. “Inner work” only we see. Doing the inner work allows us to discover the values and ideals that drive us. It helps us know what to do (and what to not do).
  25. You can’t generate accountability within others if you’ve never had the experience of being accountable to someone. Make yourself accountable.
  26. Your perspective is so powerful. How you think and speak about your points of view can limit your actions — or propel you forward.
  27. I’ve watched myself put fears out in front of my success — don’t make the same mistake. Practice being courageous — challenge yourself in small ways first, then move to what comes next.
  28. Courage comes when we face our fears and move into our unknowns with a “willingness to act.”
  29. Courage is learned as much as experienced.
  30. No Risk =  No Courage  =  Limited Potential for Growth.
  31. Informed Risk =  Courage  =  Unlimited Potential for Growth.
  32. We play small when we shrink our ideals to fit our current environment.
  33. Having an honest conversation with yourself can be extremely enlightening. Don’t deprive yourself of that opportunity.
  34. At times, our lives may seem to be in darkness, and that darkness can be “not knowing.” Knowing brings light.
  35. Having no answers, and having to make your way through the unknown to the light takes real courage.
  36. You can’t see what’s ahead – but you’ll never experience unknown possibilities unless you choose to walk on.

Again, share anything you want with your friends, coworkers, and network. Steal shamelessly! I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section and/or reach out via