Blueprint Discovery Process™

This unique process provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to:

Honestly Assess the current state of a business, issue or opportunity.

Formulate a desired “future state” (goals, vision or outcome).

Identify actions and deliverables needed to achieve the desired goal/vision/outcome.


The Blueprint process is led by a facilitator and typically takes a day to complete; it may take longer depending upon the depth of issues identified and level of group participation. Developing a Blueprint requires solid teamwork to prioritize, choose and define realistic deliverables. The process serves as a powerful catalyst and driver for growth and transformation. A detailed Blueprint Session Summary Report with preliminary strategic direction is provided after the session is completed.  The steps followed to construct a Blueprint are:

1 – Current State | Discover the grounded truths.
2 – Future State | Articulate desired change(s).
3 – Deliverables | Identify THE essential actions that must occur for the desired future to happen.
4 – Actions & Milestones | Identify the main steps needed to create each deliverable and when it’s needed.
5 – List Stakeholders | Identify individuals or groups connected to each deliverable.
6 – Stakeholder Roles | Assign roles and responsibilities.