Here are 4 separate thoughts to help you usher in 2021 more proactively. Let’s make this a year to remember every day.

Focus is the root of achieving priorities.

Coaching is a great tool for high performers to get clear and stay committed to the goals and priorities of life and work. Conversations about commitment are very valuable and the foundation to defining our priorities. Start getting in the habit of not talking about being busy and begin to think and talk about your commitments. Get into a coaching relationship that supports your present and your future. Take accountability to a new level.

Investing yourself equally in all areas of your life.

Be as driven in your roles as a parent, spouse, and friend as you are in your work. Bring your “high performance” experience and skills to every aspect of your life. There are some amazing accomplishments waiting for you to invite them to the party. Worry less about life balance and more about investing in your values. Your life will work out just fine if you stay focused on the commitment needed to live out your values and vision. The key is investing in every aspect of your life not just work. Make each area of family, community, relationship, and personal equal players. They all have a voice and deserve to be listened to by you. Work will always be the loudest and most demanding. Manage it or it will manage you. Integrate each one as much as possible, but remember that personal time is often the battery that feeds the rest.

We are finite and full of possibilities all at the same time.

Its mysterious and straightforward all at the same time. We all have limitations and we seem to focus on those first before seeing what’s entirely possible. Often we overlook the ways we can integrate our lives. That’s the win-win deals when I can combine things together. Family goals are supported by work goals. It doesn’t have to be either family, work goals, or corporate ladder. They can work together. And they can work in an adversarial way with each other without your values in the relationship. There will always be choices and sacrifice. Just make sure to let sacrifices be spread out among all your efforts. Sacrifice for work only and constantly will create less possibilities for you than you think.

Looking at life for the long haul.

Today doesn’t always dictate what your tomorrows will be like, but it often does because we allow it to. We can also let yesterday own too much of today. We have to keep looking forward and make sure that we have a long view of life. Our future is always a concept until it happens. How much do you want to influence how it will show up? Take your best actions everyday and hold yourself accountable. We can’t hold off living for today and not enjoy the present moment. The bottom line is we plan for the future and live/work in the moment. Everything happens (or can change) in the moment.  That’s why possibilities exist right now, not solely in the future. What’s possible? Make life about possibilities instead of liabilities.