Leadership Development

We help emerging and aspiring leaders broaden their value and increase their capacity to lead change. These may be leaders in transition who are seeking renewal, new values, new vision and guiding principles, or experienced leaders wanting to enhance their skills. This service will benefit those willing to have honest conversations with themselves and others about how to elevate their leadership abilities and their confidence in those abilities.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The approach we use focuses on increasing capacity as an owner. We provide supervision on:
• skill practice and effectiveness
• organization structure
• strategic human resource development
• coaching on vision refinement, goal construction and attainment
We get to the level of detail required to help you establish the structure and process needed to create the future you envision. Our Active Transformation Coaching Model keeps you focused on the realities of establishing a startup business or leading a long-established organization through transition of ownership and management.

Transformational Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership coaching is focused on building uncommon excellence into sales and marketing leaders and their organizations. Successful sales process is key, but the ability to successfully lead sales teams is equally important. Many sales leaders blame their team for outcomes when the root cause is the need for stronger, better equipped sales leadership. Transformational selling is based on the simple fact that when you are selling you are also leading. Our approach is focused on sales managers closest to the customer and brings a strong ROC (Return On Coaching).

Smarter Goal Setting


More Balanced Life


More Income


More Quality of Life


“The need for leadership development has never been more urgent.”


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