Authentic Leadership in Business and Life

Active Transformation
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Create a Solid Foundation for Transformation in Your Business or Life

This book and journal combination will help an organization, team or individual leader create a solid foundation for transformation in their business or life. Using a proven model, focused exercises and deep personal reflection, ACTIVE TRANSFORMATION guides the formation of building blocks that support true and lasting transformation.

Many books are touted as being “life-changing” but few truly are. For those willing to commit and engage themselves with intensity and rigor, this book will change them.

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Blueprint Discovery Process

This invaluable tool provides a logical framework for thinking and strategizing. It can be used in just about any situation you encounter to build a map to a desired “future state” and identify deliverables and tasks required to get you there.

Active Transformation

Using this comprehensive model can lead you to genuine transformation. There are four key steps that when followed faithfully will build a solid foundation for transformation and a path for the journey forward.

Active Influence™

This intuitive model can transform organizations by creating stronger strategic leaders who are actively engaged and involved in achieving goals. The norm becomes individual leaders and leadership teams who are proactive and predictive in how they work and lead.

Active Engagement

Use this tool to get a clear and realistic picture of the customer experience you are currently delivering (intentionally or unintentionally). Then use it to plot out the experience you want your customers tohave, consistently and flawlessly.

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