Me shadow

When I think about me…

  • I rarely if ever see much of anyone else’s point of view. My “listener” is shutdown and locked up tight right from the get go.
  • I’m looking for personal justification. I want my ideas reinforced by shared ideologies and so I surround myself with clones of my own thinking and background. Its a narrow sample size of diverse ideas.
  • I become even more blinded about what others are going through and/or how they want to contribute to me. I can’t feel their love and concern or even their hurt or pain. It’s me and my world…it truly is a “me-world”.
  • I am fixated on a narrow band of issues and ideas. It is challenging to even consider anything outside my view out the front door. Yet neighbors exist on each side of me.
  • I can start to make excuses for why I don’t change or do something more bold, exciting, and uncomfortable. I can’t connect my discomfort with the value it can bring to others.
  • I can’t love fully. I have conditions that must be met first. I’m not open to be vulnerable and share what I feel. It is all about holding on to my own thoughts and not inviting others into an unconditional place of pure love…an open heart.
  • I can’t grow closer to God or Jesus. I can’t hear His voice and see his presence in others. I only hear my blather and chatter, because if I truly listen I might feel loved and asked to love others.
  • When I think about me, I am an island in a sea of selfishness. Thinking blindly that my boat is secure and safe. When really it takes many hands on deck to navigate trouble and joy in life.

When we think about what we can do together we are powerful. We were meant to BE together and our community is secure in the spirit of Christ. When he comes to us, we see our selves as more than some “me”. We are one with Him, but he gives us eyes to see…the “we” that we can become.